The New Designer is here! Here's a quick guide on using its new features and workflows!

Switching Between Designers

We know that the new Designer is going to take a little getting used to, so we're giving you the option to switch back and forth between Designers until June 15th. So if you're headed into a sales meeting and just want to use the Legacy Designer that you're used to, you can do that until June 15.

To switch, just head to your Dashboard and click the link in the notification at the top of the page.

New Designer Workflows and Keyboard Shortcuts

To Select An Entire Gallery, either:

  • Click and drag across all products you'd like to select, or
  • Use CMD + A (Select All) keyboard shortcut to select all products on the wall

To Align Selected Products:

  • Click the "Alignment Tools" Button in the bottom of the lefthand panel when you have more than one product selected
  • Choose the alignment option
  • Click "Finish Alignment" (or the Return Key on your keyboard) to commit your changes

Or Use Our New Alignment Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • SHIFT + Up Arrow = Align Top Edges
  • SHIFT + Down Arrow = Align Bottom Edges
  • SHIFT + Left Arrow = Align Left Edges
  • SHIFT + Right Arrow = Align Right Edges

Note: When aligning products, we will always default to the product that is furthest in the direction of your chosen alignment. Example: if you align multiple products LEFT, we'll find the leftmost product and align to that one.

To Resize a Product:

  • Select a product on the wall
  • Click the "Resize" button (or the R key on your keyboard)
  • Select a size from the list of available sizes in the lefthand panel (the current size of the product will be highlighted with a "Current" button)
  • Click the "Apply Resize" button (or the Return key on your keyboard) to commit your changes.

Questions? Found a Bug? Let us know!

We're working hard to get all of our help documentation updated for you, but with an update of this size it's going to take some time. So, if you have any questions at all, just click the chat button and let us know. It'll help us prioritize which documentation to get updated first!

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