As we switch from the Legacy Designer (old) to the New Designer, we're giving everyone a little bit of time to get used to it, because we know it's a really big shift. So from May 20, 2019 until June 15, 2019 (Eastern Time), you can switch between the two. 

You will automatically be using the New Designer unless you switch back to the Legacy Designer. We want to make sure you see it and know it's new and there so you don't get snuck up on when the Legacy Designer is turned off.

To switch from the New Designer to the Legacy Designer (and vice versa - from the Legacy Designer to the New Designer), just log into your Swift Galleries account at You're automatically dropped into your Dashboard, and at the top you'll see this:

To switch to the Legacy Designer, just click on the blue linked words "switch to the Legacy Designer here" in that second/smaller row of text and you'll be switched.

If you're using the Legacy Designer, this is what you'll see on your Dashboard:

Again - this, the Dashboard, is where you will switch between old and new designers. You're not going to have some client meetings in one and different client meetings in the other, and you will not switch in the actual designer itself.

And lastly, enjoy the new designer!!!

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