Swift Galleries does not collect your client's money. It's actually Stripe that collects your client's money. They just do it through the Swift Galleries checkout. Sometimes it takes up to 7-10 business days for Stripe to pay you. 

We built payment collection in Swift Galleries this way because we want you to get paid as quickly as possible, plus less companies touch your moolah. 

That's why, when you set up payment collection, you're either connecting to a currently used Stripe account or you have to set one up.

But what does that mean to you if you haven't seen your payout yet? It means you'll want to log in to your Stripe account outside of Swift Galleries and make sure Stripe is sending your payment to a current and open bank account. You'll also be able to do cool stuff like see when your next payout is happening and how much it's for.

Somewhat related, Stripe does take a credit card processing fee. You can check their current fee right here.

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