Swift Galleries is an web-based piece of software that helps you sell your photos as physical products.

We do this in two main ways:

Wall Gallery Designer

 Our wall designer allows you to show your clients their photos on their own walls at exactly the right size. Being able to visualize this in their own homes, before they make a purchase, makes it absolutely simple to sell your work as wall art.

In-Person Sales

Swift Galleries' In-Person Sales flow will walk you and your clients step-by-step through the entire In-Person Sales meeting. 

You'll easily lead your client through:

  • Title Screen - where you start your entire sales meeting. Features the image of your choice with a few details from the client.
  • Slideshow - Simple and elegant, our slideshow puts the attention right where it should be, on your photos.
  • Cull - Help your clients choose their favorite photos from the bunch with just the click of an up or down arrow.
  • Compare - If you have images that are similar, you can compare just those images side-by-side to find the perfect photo for your client.
  • Wall Art - Our Designer makes it easy to show your clients exactly what their photos will look like on their own walls, at exactly the right size. It's freakin' magic.
  • Add-Ons - Want to sell more than just wall art in your In-Person Sales meetings? Of course you do! We've got your back with Add-On Products during checkout.
  • Checkout - It's a sales tool, right? Our checkout flow makes it simple to walk your client through placing their order. 

While these are the two main ways Swift Galleries will help you sell your work, we do have a few other tricks up our sleeves, as well:

  • Payment Collection - Want us to process your credit card payments for you? No problem! Just turn on Payment Collection and we'll process them, completely commission-free!
  • Order Management - Once an order is placed and processed, we'll give you all of the details you need to place your order, including the full resolution wall art images, cropped exactly how they need to be cropped to be ordered from your lab.
  • Online Sales - don't do In-Person Sales? No problem, you can still sell your work as wall art with Swift Galleries' online sales opportunities. You upload the clients' photos, pre-design some galleries you think would look great, and we'll send them over to your client and help them place their order. It's quick and simple for our photographers who don't have the time or desire for IPS.
  • Financial Reports - Be prepared when tax time cometh! Our financial reports are simple to download and ready to hand straight over to your CPA. They'll include a breakdown of all costs of goods sold, profits, taxes and credit card processing fees, making you your CPA's best friend come tax time.

Ready to give Swift Galleries a try? Take our 14-day, actually-free Free Trial. No credit card needed.

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