The Dashboard contains various pieces of information to give you a snapshot of your Swift Galleries account.

1. Upcoming in Person Meetings

This section shows all of the in person session meetings you have this week with a quick link to them. If there are less than five meetings in the week ahead, it will show up to your next five meetings.

2. Recent Orders

This section shows the most recent five orders that you have placed. Note that the colors of the link to the order are tied to the status of the order.

3. Your Subscription

This section shows your current subscription, the next bill date, and the amount of storage that you are using.

4. Your Clients

This section gives you a quick view into how many clients you currently have in Swift Galleries.

5. Your Sales

This section shows a quick breakdown of sales information over the last month and year. It also shows some statistics, including the average sale price, the highest sale you've made, the total amount that you've sold, and the total number of sales.

Please note that any of your excluded orders are not included in this calculation.

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