Newly Added Room Photo

After you upload a room photo, you'll see something like this:

Calibrating the Room Photo

To begin the process, click on the room slide that you've upload and choose "Calibrate".

Find Your Reference Point

Swift Galleries needs a reference point to determine the size of the room. First zoom in on the portion of the room photo you know the length of. In the case of the image below, we'll use the shelving in the upper right corner.

1. Drag the Room Photo

You can drag the room photo to better center your reference point.

2. Zoom In

Use the slider to zoom in / out on the reference point.

3. Next

When you're satisfied with the reference point, click next to finish the calibration process.

In our case, you can see how we've zoomed in and focused on the shelving in the upper right:

Drawing the Calibration Line

1. Drawing the Line

Draw a line by clicking or touching on one point and dragging until the end of the reference point.

If you make a mistake, simply click anywhere to clear the line and try again.

Please be careful though; this is how Swift Galleries calibrates your line and if you draw the line too long or too short it will impact the size of the products! You must also be sure to size an object that is on the same plane as the wall art. For example, we had to size the back of the shelves, not the edge away from the wall.

2. Setting the Length

Please set the length of the line. It will be in inches or centimeters, depending on your studio preferences.

3. Apply

Click "Apply Calibration"; the room is now calibrated! Swift Galleries will immediately apply the room and resize the products you had on the wall to match the new wall and its calibration.

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