To modify an existing product, click once on the gallery to begin working with the gallery. Click a second time to choose the specific product you want to edit.

The product you chose will be the only product in the gallery with a red border:

Note that the panels on the left side of your browser page have been replaced with information about the product itself and actions that you can take on the product:

Frame Details and Mat Details

You can change the width of the actual frame, and the width of the actual mat in increments. You can also change the colors of frame and mat. These options will not be visible if the product is an unframed product (standout, canvas, metal, wood, etc.).

Please note the size of the product corresponds to the print size, not the overall product size. In the above picture, the overall size of the large framed product is 39x49 (30x40 print, plus 1.5-inch frame on each side, plus 3-inch mat on each side).

Edit Product

Clicking on this will allow you to take product specific actions (such as for a canvas product you can switch the edge type) or convert to another product type.

Note: you may only convert to other product types that have a matching size available.

Send to Back and Send to Front

You can change the order in which products overlap in a gallery.

Choose Photo

You may choose a photo for the given product.

Rotate Product

Much like rotating the entire gallery, you may rotate an individual product 90 degrees. Please be aware that you will lose any crop that you have applied as you will move the product from vertical to horizontal (portrait to landscape) or vice versa.

Duplicate Product

If you want to quickly add several of the same type of product, this will create a duplicate so you can skip the adding a new product workflow.

Crop Photo

You must choose a photo first. Once you've chosen a photo, you may crop it. 

Resize Product

If this is the correct product type but you want to change the size, choose this option. 

Delete Product 

If you want to remove this product from the wall, choose this option.

Special Note: Many of the above actions also have corresponding keyboard shortcuts.

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