The following keyboard shortcuts are available within the Designer:

  • Arrow keys - when you have the gallery or a product picked the arrow keys move gallery/product with a fine level of control (this is great when you want to move products or galleries without seeing your mouse arrow, or when aligning objects)
  • a - add a product to the wall when in gallery or product view
  • m - if the gallery is selected, mirrors the gallery (flips horizontally)
  • o - rotate gallery or product
  • d - duplicate the selected product
  • r - resize selected product
  • e - edit selected product (change product type or edge wrap options)
  • c - choose photo for selected product if no photo is chosen; if a product has a photo then crop
  • delete - if a product or gallery is selected, delete the product or gallery
  • tab - tab through the products
  • ctrl + z (command + z) - undo
  • ctrl + shift + z (command + shift + z) - redo
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