An album's details can be found here:

Albums > Manage Albums > Click "Manage Album"

Album Details

The Album Details page is actually comprised of 4 tabs, each representing a different action that you can take with the tab, in order of necessary completion.

1. Album Details

This page should look very familiar as the Album Details (#5) matches the Create New Album page.

Additionally you'll see a Stats section (#6) that offers a quick glance with some information about this album.

You may update the Album name, expiration date, or Online Sales Photo Cart URL and save the changes by clicking on "Save Album". Note that you do not need to save the album to upload images, Design Galleries, or manage Sales Opportunities.

Click "Delete Album" to remove this album. Note that this will not delete any order that was created for this album!

2. Manage Images

This is where you'll upload client images into this album as well as where you can access the list of yes/no images once they've been chosen during an in-person sales meeting.

3. Designer

This is where the magic happens :) Note that you won't have access to the Designer for this album until there are images uploaded.

4. Sales Opportunities

There are two types of Sales Opportunities available within Swift Galleries, and both are accessed here:

  1. In Person Sales Opportunity
  2. Online Sales Opportunity

Please note that you may not access the Sales Opportunity tab without images uploaded. Kind of difficult to sell wall art without the art, eh?

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