To begin an In Person Sales meeting, either use the quick link on your Dashboard, in the Manage In Person Sales Meeting section, or on the calendar meeting that was provided.

Title Screen

1. The Title Image

This is the title image from your album. Horizontal images will show the menu on the bottom right.

2. Album Name

This is your album's name.

3. Date of Meeting

This is the date you specified for the meeting when you created the in-person sales opportunity.

4. View Slideshow

Click on this to start a slideshow. It auto plays and shows each image for 5 seconds. If you get antsy you may navigate with the left and right arrow keys. You can click the play button to continue playing from the image you are currently viewing (starting with that image for 5 seconds).

View Slideshow (above)

You can access the menu by clicking the Show Menu button on the bottom right.

View Slideshow - Show Menu clicked

5. Choose Images

This is where you can work with your client to pick favorites viewing images one at a time. The images given a thumbs down will be put at the bottom of the photos tab in the Designer, but any suggestions you created with these images will still show up.

Click on the check mark/ X icons to specify what they like and don't like. If you're not on a tablet you will see additional keyboard shortcuts that are available (the shortcut menu will disappear after a few seconds).

Choose Images (above)

6. Compare Images

Need to see a series of images side-by-side to further narrow down client favorites?

Here's what to do:

Tap the Compare Images button to see the Compare Images grid.‍

Select the images you'd like to compare. Tap the Compare button. (See image below.)

  1. Click this to change a "no" image to a "yes" image. (below)
  2. Click here to change it to a "no" image.
  3. Click this icon to zoom in and see the image full-size. 

6. Design Galleries

This will drop you into the In-Person Sales Designer, which you can learn all about right here.

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