To access this, follow these steps:

Albums > Manage Albums > Click "Manage Album" > Click the "Sales Opportunity" tab


Click "Create In Person Sales Opportunity" and you'll be shown a new section:

Create In Person Sales Opportunity Section

1. Client Information

  • Name (required): the name of the client
  • Primary contact (required): the primary means of contacting the client
  • Secondary contact (optional): the secondary means of contacting the client

2. Sales Meeting Information

  • Time (required): When the meeting will occur and when it will end
  • Location (required): Where the meeting will occur. Free form field so enter whatever will best help you remember the location
  • Notes (optional): Notes that you'd like added to the calendar meeting that will be made available

3. Meeting Preferences

Please note these preferences have global settings you can change in your Selling Preferences, but we've duplicated these preferences for you to change at the client level in case you have to make any changes for this particular client.

  • Tax Rate (required): The tax rate to apply to the IPS meeting
  • Tax Shipping: If checked it will apply the tax rate to any shipping amount you specify at checkout
  • Start in the Simplified Designer: Skip all of the whiz bang power you're used to and keep it focused on your suggestions for you client during the sale process
  • Only Show Prices During Checkout: Hide prices in the Designer
  • Offer Discounts at the End of this Meeting: If you'd like to offer discounts during checkout, turn this setting on. You'll be able to offer flat discounts or percentage based discounts.

4. Tax Rate Estimation (US Only)

For United States users, we offer the ability to estimate the tax rate for you.

We'll pre-fill your studio address if you've included it in your Studio Profile. If you change the address from what we have in your studio profile, you'll be asked if you'd like to update your studio profile as part of this.

Using your studio's address and your client's address, we'll attempt to calculate the tax rate and update the tax rate field for you. Please do double check it though as there may be local rules and regulations we missed.

From here, just save your new In-Person Sales session!

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